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Temporary EP

by Lost Film

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Agent K(ahunasan)
Agent K(ahunasan) thumbnail
Agent K(ahunasan) This is "Sarah Records style" era plaintive melodic guitar pop at its finest.
This will absolutely unstress your day & your mind.
Jimmy Hewitt's simple guitar playing makes this dreampop confection simply a joyous & infectious sonic excursion.
Can't wait for more.
In the meantime; Don't harsh my mellow. Favorite track: Assurance.
Jeremy (HI54LOFI)
Jeremy (HI54LOFI) thumbnail
Jeremy (HI54LOFI) When you dig all 4 tracks on a 4 track EP… that's pretty undeniable evidence of being in the presence of an excellent 4 track EP. So stop fooling yourself and get it. Favorite track: Temporary.
Nick Green
Nick Green thumbnail
Nick Green Lying on a beach in Doha this is perfect.... Favorite track: Still Youth.
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Coming off the heels of this past summer’s Imago LP, we are pleased to announce Lost Film’s new EP, Temporary. Led by Jimmy Hewitt, the band’s sole permanent member, Lost Film is the minimalist – and in this iteration – lo-fi guitar pop project that followed Hewitt’s now defunct band, Orca Orca.

Unlike the lush, full-band recordings of Imago, the Temporary EP brings Jimmy back to the place he feels most comfortable as an artist, and put simply, where it all began – isolated, and alone at the microphone.

Melodic and often times dreamy, the instrumentation takes a much more tepid approach to the guitar-based indie pop Jimmy has developed as Lost Film. For one, it’s a lot less "pop" in the bombastic and hook-laden way you would routinely expect, but instead explores a more nuanced and introspective approach to writing that is still very obviously informed by, and at it’s core, pop music.


released January 6, 2016



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Lost Film Easthampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Temporary
is it alright if I just stay in tonight
I don't think I have the energy
is it fine if I stay on your floor tonight
at least I'll get some sleep
and no longer be

can you try just to see it from my side
I really think its best for you and me
I don't want to me temporary

I can't wait til next week for this slate to be cleaned
finally get some decent sleep and no longer be
Track Name: Assurance
I swear that I'm alright sometimes I'm just better at being alone
nothing much to say so I guess I'll be heading home
it's such a shame it ended up this way
keep repeating that everything
by this time next year will fall into place
I swear that it's alright if you like being alone
every now and then would it kill you to pick up the phone
it's such a shame we ended up this way
Track Name: Still Youth
I woke up early to find a new job
I couldn't find one so I gave up
but it's ok maybe it's better off this way
at least we had some time to get some money saved
for better days
do you remember when we all fit in my bed
and turned the lights off
we silently agreed that that record sounded best
when we let the speakers bleed
this is still my youth and this is still yours too
Track Name: Closer
I know you don't know what to do
I can show you just one more time
I can see what's in front of me
no need to turn on the brights
I know you don't know where to go
you've never been on your own
move closer
I can see what's behind me
I'm always turning around
move closer